Love in Action® Training Series

Intervention from a Spiritual Perspective 

This 2-day course facilitated by Keith & Marti Bradley covers every aspect of the process of intervention: whether it's structured family intervention, executive-style intervention, workplace intervention, invitational-style / process intervention or other variations, the goal is the same: to prepare professionals to individualize to the needs of families and the addicted person.

Keith & Marti share experience gained ‘in the trenches’ while facilitating hundreds of interventions nationwide and tools for remaining spiritually grounded throughout the process.

Topics covered include:

·        Engaging the family from the first phone call

·        Fact-finding to gain a clear understanding of the issues

·        Choosing the most effective intervention strategy

·        Helping to choose an appropriate treatment center

·        Matching treatment options to family finances

·        Building the intervention team

·        Love First® Seven-point process for writing intervention letters

·        Brainstorming for objections and answers to objections

·        Overcoming objections and dealing with difficulties

·        Planning for bottom line consequences

·        Making travel arrangements

·        Professional facilitation of the intervention

·        Ongoing communication with the treatment provider after delivery of client

·         Continue communication with the family and, in many cases, the client after intervention


2019 Training dates will be released soon. Check back here for dates and registration information.

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