Our Mission

At Love in Action our passion and focus is to help substance dependent souls find their way to a solution driven by our own experience that there IS life after addiction and it is better than we ever imagined possible.

Through our proven method based from a perspective of dignity, respect and love we illuminate a path to recovery and offer hope to the hopeless - both those with substance dependence issue and their loved ones.

Who we are

The Love in Action team is based in Greeley, Colorado and led by Keith Bradley, Interventionist and Founder of the Love in Action Intervention Method.

While the outcome of an intervention is never guaranteed, our success rate of 75% is well above the national average.  We attribute this to our professionals being in recovery from drugs and alcohol themselves, and the love-based method employed in our intervention process.

Our staff have over 25 years experience in the field of substance abuse recovery and have spent thousands of hours counseling addicts and their families.

Waiting until a substance abuser ‘hits bottom’ to seek help is the equivalent of waiting to treat cancer until the person reaches stage four.
— Keith Bradley