Sometimes a person has reached a place of such darkness they cannot find a path to wellness until it is brought to light by others.

The intervention process challenges the popular myth that the chemically dependent person must hit bottom before she/he will accept help. Unfortunately, all too often this bottom can involve significant consequences – legal problems, lost jobs, strained relationships, life-threatening physical conditions, and worse. Intervention is a method of raising the bottom with the goal of avoiding some of these devastating consequences.

An intervention is emotionally complex, and can place enormous stress on family dynamics. A professional interventionist offers expertise that greatly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

The trained professionals at Love in Action are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. This allows them to interact with the addicted person from a perspective of mutual experience and understanding, furthering the possibility for success.

The Love in Action intervention method is NOT an ultimatum based process. We instead approach the addict from the standpoint of honesty and love while encouraging them to seek treatment.

This proven method allows your addicted loved one to choose treatment from a place of dignity and support, rather than guilt and shame, accelerating the healing process for both the family and the addict from the outset.

While we are based in Colorado, our professionals regularly travel nationwide and facilitate interventions wherever there is a need.


We will do together what we cannot do alone.

We will do together what we cannot do alone.

Our professionals are available to assist individuals traveling, whether to and from residential treatment programs; business trips; vacations; or family/social gatherings.

We are very familiar with the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety while traveling when new in sobriety. We have been through the same experience and understand from the addict's perspective. During the process, an escort will share their experience and how they progressed to where they are today. By relating on a personal level, our escorts provide comfort and encouragement throughout the transport.