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Keith Bradley - Senior Interventionist & Founder, Love in Action

Often referred to as 'the interventionist with a heart', Keith approaches intervention from a spiritual perspective.

Since 2007, using a model based upon and expanded from the "Love First" intervention method, Keith has successfully facilitated more than 375 interventions with a success rate above 75%.

Keith's passion for recovery, his personal experience recovering from a dual addiction, and his belief that if a guy like him could achieve sobriety, anybody can allows him to communicate heart to heart with those who are actively suffering from the disease of addiction.

After a 30 year career in the upper management level of the automotive industry, as the result of volunteer work he was doing in a detox center to maintain his own sobriety, Keith trained under and apprenticed with two of the leading interventionists in the State of Colorado. To date he has spent more than 10,000 hours working with addicts and their families throughout the United States.

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Chris Kling - interventionist - arizona region

While based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Chris offers intervention services nationwide and was trained personally by Keith in the Love in Action intervention method.

Chris has a long history in the substance abuse/dependence industry, most recently as Admissions Director with Scottsdale Detox. For several years he served as a Level I Specialist for Community Bridges, a sub-acute detox, working directly with clients in extreme crisis.  He excelled in this capacity and as many clients will testify, was a determining factor in their choice to seek help.

In 2013 Chris served as the Admissions Director at The Sundance Center, an exclusive residential program in Scottsdale, AZ.  In this capacity, he developed a reputation as a hands-on leader, often working directly with clients and their families.  He also developed strong relations within the treatment community and was always attentive to ensure prompt and concise communication with referring professionals. 

In addition to his history in the substance abuse/mental health industry, Chris is a United States Marine Sgt. that served with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant until 1990.

Chris consistently wears his passion for recovery on his sleeve and he works tirelessly with those struggling with addictions to ensure they are treated with dignity and compassion. 

Contact Chris - Phone (602) 465-2766  Email:

Marti Bradley - Director of Operations

Growing up with an alcoholic step-parent, having an alcoholic-addict spouse and two sons in recovery drives Marti's passion for helping those who love addicts to live joyously while navigating addiction treatment and recovery.

Marti is the author of several blogs, excerpts from one of which, The Ones Who Stayed, are found here on our website. Also a Certified Master Practitioner in Usui-Tibetan Reiki with over 15 years of education in the healing arts, energy work, and the journey of self-awareness, Marti's accomplished 25-year career history prior to managing the day to day operations of Love in Action has spanned the financial, information technology, printing and graphics and self-development industries.

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